Osgoode Marley for the Busy Mom

Osgoode Marley for the Busy Mom

Life is busy. Between work, children, family, and friends, sometimes, it can feel like there is no time left to just relax. That’s why at Osgoode Marley, we’ve learned how to find the relaxing moments in a jam packed day.  There are countless ways to help keep your mind and body relaxed and strong; here are a few that you actually keep in your bag that will change your day for the better.


- Keep lavender scented hand lotion in your bag - the relaxing smell can be just the aromatherapy you need while running around.

- Be sure to carry a bag that fits a water bottle. Nothing energizes like hydration and it can be so easy to forget. Zest up your water by adding fruit or herbs to your bottle before you leave in the morning. Strawberry basil and lemon sage are a couple of our favorite combinations! Drinking enough water helps you stay focused and rejuvenated; and on top of that, it’s great for your skin.

 - Keep a planner with you that has space for lists - lots of them! That way, you never have to worry about forgetting your grocery list on the refrigerator.

 - When you find yourself in line or sitting in a waiting room, grab your planner.  Having a designated page for jotting down things you’re thankful for, special moments from your day, and things that made you laugh helps to keep you focused on the positives.

- Have peppermints handy in your bag. The taste and smell of peppermint is naturally soothing to the stomach and body as well as an energizing agent for the mind. When you encounter a stressful moment, grab a mint and tell yourself that by the time it is dissolved, you will be ready to tackle your obstacle.


Try out these small tips and see how you can turn a busy schedule into a day of focus and relaxation.