Osgoode Marley for the Perfect Planner

Osgoode Marley for the Perfect Planner

Trying to organize all the moving parts in life can be overwhelming, especially when your planner is a glorified calendar. That’s why we prefer the bullet journal; it’s essentially where your To-Do list, planner, and diary meet. You start with a simple journal, like a Moleskine or Leuchtturm, and then the rest is up to you. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you get started:


First of all, you don’t have to choose a traditional lined journal; a different option may suit your needs more closely. While lined journals are wonderful for those who prefer to write (these are the list-makers and the journalers), blank, grid, or dotted pages are helpful for different types of creators. Choose a blank journal if you prefer a more free-form look or you want to draw and doodle without the distraction of dots or lines.


Before you jump right in and start writing, drawing, and listing, take some time to plan how you want your bullet journal to function. It can be helpful to look at your old planner and notice what about it hinders you. Do you need more space each day or do you need a whole week or month on one page? It’s up to you!


Typically, bullet journals start with some structure and then morph to fit your needs. We like to start with an index, so you can easily find all of the pages you need, monthly spreads, daily spreads, and categories or compilations. This structure will help you to organize and plan your bullet journal.


Now for the fun part! Bullet journals are the perfect place to create a customized space for your creativity. Many people like to add pages or categories like weekly meal prep plans, reading lists, yearly or monthly goals, movies to watch, or habit trackers. One of our favorites is to create grid-like mini calendars for specific goals and fill in each day as you complete them over time. Many bullet journalers use this format to follow their #100DayProject progress; it’s the perfect way to visualize your path. The types of pages are where you can personalize your journal and truly make it your own, so have fun with it, and be sure to share your experience and creativity with us!