Natural leather handbag

Leather Care and Conditioning

A mix of environmental factors and everyday wear ages leather with grace. Make your accessory last a lifetime by learning how to incorporate the right care routine.

Osgoode Marley Leather Care Routine

Our products are made with three simple, all-natural ingredients: seed oils, beeswax and tallow. While other brands use silicone or water-based formulations, our leather care ingredients have been used for centuries in different ways, from tanning to conditioning leather, for optimal care and preservation.

corner of a quality leather wallet

Maintaining the Life of Your OM

Daily use and exposure to sunlight often speed up the aging process. To protect your leather bag from sun damage, store it away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading and dryness. Incorporating a conditioning routine will help delay the onset of aging by preventing cracks and restoring softness and shine for a healthy glow. Everyday care and thoughtful storage will go a long way in maintaining your leather.