This month, we sat down with our creative friend Emily Keeney to get insight on her own personal style hacks, the lifestyle of a content creator and what OM pieces she’ll be styling this season.

Emily in an open white button up shirt wearing sunglasses and a brown Osgoode Marley backpack.

Q: We love your style. What led you to start doing content creation, and why?

A: Staying inspired and sharing that spirit of discovery and self-actualization has been a passion of mine for years. I launched my first blog in 2009, and then my career took a few turns, and I've been back to those roots recently blending together everything I've learned in the last decade. Creating content that helps others step into a more empowered and elevated version of themselves is my passion.

Q: What’s the best tip you have for consumers that are interested in more sustainable shopping, but don’t know where to start?

A: Sustainability can feel intimidating because we have so much work to do! For building a more sustainable wardrobe, though, I have some advice. Start with less. Go through everything and donate or recycle whatever doesn't fit well, bring you joy or reflect your current state of evolution. When you can truly see the things you own, you can think. You can also realize you can do a lot with fewer pieces, and therefore justify spending a bit more on quality for pieces that will last.

Q: What’s your go-to capsule outfit?

A: Great jeans, a romantic blouse and a quality bag! My Sawyer Circle goes with everything and always fetches a million compliments.

Emily holding a cup of coffee in a white sweater with her Osgoode Marley purse on her shoulder.
Q: What other outlets do you use to express your creativity?

A: I'm a professional photographer, and I specialize in photographing interiors. I love design and curating beautiful spaces in my own home, too. We're currently renovating our 112-year-old house in Seattle and it has been a great source of creative inspiration!

Q: How do OM’s products differ from other brands you’ve worn in the past?

A: I love Osgoode Marley's bags for two big reasons. One is that the second you hold a bag in your hands you can feel the quality. The attention to detail is really beautiful and the quality of the leather and stitching is evident. The second is that the design is truly timeless. The shapes and colors aren't attached to trends and aren't flashy. They're sophisticated, and carefully designed with clean lines and classic color ways, so you know your investment won't be short-lived.

Body shot of Emily in a white blouse, dark blue jeans and a brown Osgoode Marley crossbody.

Integrate Osgoode Marley’s quality leather products into your staple selection this fall! Check out Emily’s tips on styling OM bags with fall fashion over on our Instagram!