Investing in the longevity of leather not only sidesteps the pitfalls of fast fashion, but provides a timeless piece you're sure to keep in rotation for a lifetime of wear. While the initial cost might be higher than a synthetic equivalent, the durability and enduring beauty of leather equates to much greater value. We're sharing the benefits behind this style investment to help you build an intentional wardrobe for years to come.

As a natural material, the durability of leather withstands daily wear and tear to create an everlasting accessory you're sure to keep in rotation for years to come, if not decades. Given the material's graceful aging, investing in a leather bag is more sustainable than succumbing to mass-produced and cheaply made goods in response to short-lived trends.

Glazed in appearance, the darkening hues and signs of wear that leather acquires over time create what is known as a Patina. A natural sign of aging, this glossy finish provides softness to the leather while showcasing the bag’s history through a series of natural scuffs, scratches and signs of wear. While a blemish or two might discourage some, a surface of small imperfections adds a unique element of beauty to a hand-crafted leather good.

How leather ages depends entirely on how it is treated, but it only gets better with age when looked after with care. If you’re looking to prolong your bag’s youthful glow, incorporating a care routine including the Osgoode Marley Leather Conditioner and storing your bag away from direct sunlight will help delay the onset of aging. Years of stretching, pulling and fading create a stronger bag, soft to the touch and distinguished from its newer counterparts.

Trends may come and go, but a timeless accessory is always worth the investment. With the longevity to last a lifetime, you’re sure to discover the perfect OM to incorporate into your style rotation.