Now that the mornings are getting chillier, it’s not always easy to leave the cozy haven of your bed come morning. However, with these few simple tips, you can start your morning off the best way - even if you’re a certified snoozer!


Set your alarm earlier: We know, we know...those few extra minutes of sleep in the morning are glorious. But setting your alarm just ten or fifteen minutes earlier gives you that little bit of extra time to make your bed, tidy up your space, or just plan out your day, which can make your schedule a whole lot easier when you have a little more time to ease into it! Plus, getting up at the same time every day actually helps regulate sleep.


Stretch: Stretching first thing in the morning reduces stress, relieves anxiety, and can improve your posture - all in a matter of minutes! Set aside a few extra moments to get some stretching in so that you can stay energized throughout the day.


Listen to music: It’s never too early to turn up the volume on your favorite songs. Whether you prefer soft acoustics or energizing pop hits when you rise, listening to tunes set yourself up for creative thinking, and can keep the inspiration flowing for the rest of the day.


Eat breakfast: Although on some mornings you may feel like you just don’t have the time, filling up with a nutritious breakfast is crucial! It keeps your brain sharp, your metabolism moving, and your body fueled to take on the day ahead. Doing so can even improve concentration and productivity! Start the morning off right with these delicious recipes.


Hydrate: One of the best things you can do in the morning? Rehydrate after a night’s sleep! Drinking water immediately after waking can jumpstart your system, helps with digestion, and flushes toxins out of your body. A mug of warm water with lemon feels just as energizing as a cup of coffee.


Treat Yourself: You work hard all week, so put aside a few minutes just for yourself. Whether it’s indulging in a chai latte from your favorite local coffee spot, or reading a few chapters from the most current best seller, doing something you love in the morning might just make the rest of the day all the better.


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