Even if you’re not yet acquainted with the word, you’re more than likely familiar with the feel of ‘hygge.’ Stemming from Danish and Norwegian culture, hygge is characterized by an atmosphere of comfort within the home. We’re exploring the meaning behind hygge and how we’re curating a cozy and intentional lifestyle with OM leather.

Derived from the old Icelandic word ‘hugga’ and sharing similar origins as the English word for hug, hygge remains an elusive concept to put into words. Somewhat undefinable, author Pia Edberg said it best when she wrote, “hygge was never meant to be translated—it was meant to be felt.”

This Danish word has transcended dictionaries and best describes the sense of love and comfort we find from feeling at home within our relationships and personal space. A feeling, a mindset and a lifestyle all rolled into one; hygge is all about curating your own atmosphere of comfort.

When creating a space that best represents this feeling, you’ll commonly find clean lines, simple design and neutral color schemes that offer a warm and inviting take of minimalism. Natural materials like knitted yarn, wood and leather are easy ways to add a sense of hygge into your living space.

Introduce a sense of hygge into your life with a curated selection of OM leather pieces for at-home comfort. With simplistic silhouettes and the longevity to last a lifetime, the Snap Tray and Eyeglass Case make the perfect additions to your nightstand. Additionally, create a home for all the hand creams, essential oils and wellness products that help you feel your very best using the Facile Top Travel Kit.

Founded on a mission to create fine leather goods, we are dedicated to creating superb pieces that add quality to your life, are as innovative as they are classic and have the form and function to stand the test of time. While we’re just scraping the surface of hygge, we’re surrounding ourselves with the items that make us happy for a lifetime of serenity and style.