There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain—especially when you’re sporting your favorite leather accessory with no umbrella in sight. Just in time for the return of snow and sleet, we’re sharing our tips on protecting your leather bag from winter weather and removing dreaded water stains. Read on to learn how to keep environmental factors from wreaking havoc on your style this season.


In preparation for the precipitation ahead, you can pretreat your bag with a stain and rain repellent spray to act as the first line of defense for such moments. Before spraying the entire bag, test the product on a small patch of the leather to avoid any discoloration blunders.

Leave to Dry

Forget to read the forecast? Unexpected snowflakes are a common occurrence this time of year and can leave you clutching your OM bag under your parka to protect it from the elements. To treat a water stain, first let the leather dry naturally as heat from a blow dryer can cause more damage. Stuff your bag with a towel or newspaper to help hold the shape of the bag while drying.


Once dry, finish with a coat of leather conditioner to help blur any sign of discoloration. Along with frequent use, a leather conditioner can help nourish and restore shine and softness to your OM. We recommend the Osgoode Marley Leather Conditioner available on our website.

To apply, use a dry cloth and apply a thin coat in small, circular motions. Over time, it will help diminish scratches and stains while giving your bag a healthy glow. Hang the bag out to dry for several hours or overnight to help retain shape. The leather conditioner will seep into the leather surface and help replenish the stripped oils.

Spill your hot chocolate while holiday shopping? Click here to read our guide to cleaning every type of stain off your bag. While a blemish or two might discourage some, a surface of small imperfections adds a unique element of beauty to a hand-crafted leather good.