After a year of keeping it cozy and wearing our comfy clothes on repeat, we’re ready to bring our summer favorites back into rotation—with a little extra flair. Since we spent last summer all dressed up with nowhere to go, we’re looking for any excuse to liven up our look. From silk scarves to leather tassels, we're sharing tips on how to accessorize your OM for an updated take on our classic styles.

Silk Scarves

Whether you choose a paisley pattern, floral motif or keep it minimal and monochrome, a silky scarf is just the thing to give your structured OM a feminine touch. Go for an oversized bow, or wrap the scarf around the entire handle for a retro look. Start by knotting the corner of your scarf to the handle base, then begin wrapping the scarf around the handle tightly and evenly. Leave the excess scarf as part of the look, or you can hide it by tucking it into the wrapping.

Leather Tassels & Key Fobs

Who doesn't love a classic keychain? For a little bohemian flair, we love clipping this tassel made from recycled OM leather onto the hardware of our bag. Alternatively, if you're looking for a timeless piece to accessorize your bag, opt for a key fob! Similar to the look of key chains, key fobs like our rounded or rectangular options are much slimmer in design and aren't as busy-looking to perfectly complement our minimalistic silhouettes.

Jewelry Box Bling

Fashionistas, this one's just for you. Look no further than your jewelry box for extra bling to adorn your bag. Charms, pins and brooches make easy additions for an eye-catching way to show your style. If you're not keen on disturbing the leather surface of your bag, opt for a pair of vintage clip-on earrings or fasten a gold chain or string of faux pearls to the hardware of your OM for a glitzy way to express yourself.

Mini Pouches

What better way to maximize your space than by adding another OM? Whether you opt for our Small Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch or Zip Pouch, get creative with the help of a key ring by attaching one of our smaller accessories to your strap to show it off and keep bits and baubles from rolling around the inside of your bag. Opt to match your bag's leather for an OM mini, or pick a contrasting hue to make it pop!

However you choose to accessorize, show off your OM flair by tagging us and using #osgoodemarley on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our feed!