A brand new year calls for something special. That's why we're launching the Katarina Collection alongside influencer Katarina Brunette! Inspired by her sense of style, we invited Katarina to share her curated picks for 2021 alongside tips on how to style them in our first-ever guest blog. For a limited time, you can shop this curated collection of bags and accessories on sale! Use code KATARINA at checkout for 15% off your order. Offer ends 2/12/21 11:59 PM ET. 

Meet the Katarina Collection

Quality over quantity is the mindset I am bringing with me into 2021. Instead of having tons of cheap clothing and accessories, I really have been trying to create a wardrobe for myself that is timeless and will last. Don’t get me wrong, I do love trying out trendy pieces here and there but generally speaking, this is the direction I am going towards!

High quality leather goods are definitely one of my staples. That said, I am SO excited to be partnering with Osgoode Marley to share how I styled 10 different bags of theirs! Osgoode Marley products are as innovative as they are classic and have the form and function to stand the test of time.

Emery Small Crossbody

Small but SO practical! I absolutely love how this bag gives you the option to use it as a crossbody or over one shoulder. And can we talk about how gorgeous this pine green color is?! I decided to pair it with a fun bright dress but I also think this bag would look amazing styled with a neutral monochromatic look. I’m picturing an all-beige outfit to stick with earthy tones, which would make the green bag pop!

Sawyer Circle

sawyer circle on body

This bag is surprisingly roomy with an unconventional shape! I think it’s the perfect standout bag while also easily styled with your daily outfits. When styling this circle bag, I would recommend keeping your outfit pretty simple so the bag remains the focal point and your look doesn’t get too busy. This unique bag is such an easy way to level up your casual look!

RFID Organizer Waistpack

rfid organizer waistpack

Yes, our parents probably all used fanny packs back in the day BUT they have a whole new look these days. The great thing about the style of this bag is you can dress it up or down! I decided to dress it up, but I love how it can easily transform into a sporty look as well! If sporty or casual is more your vibe, I’d suggest pairing it with a crewneck sweatshirt, biker shorts and some cute sneakers!

Phoebe Flap Bag

phoebe flap bag on body

This crossbody is so versatile! I think it’s the perfect “running errands” bag since it’s not too large and bulky but allows you to fit exactly what you need in it. You can easily pair it with a summer dress like mine or even some denim and a tee for a simple look.

Riley Small Tote

riley small tote on body

It’s an unsaid rule that every girl needs a tote bag in her life, isn’t it?! Especially one that will match everything and last. Hands down, totes are the most practical and most used bag in my closet. Work bag, beach bag, weekend bag—you name it!

Charlotte Small Zip Foldover & Small Coin Pouch

charlotte small zip foldover & small coin pouch on body

I have to admit, this is my favorite Osgoode Marley bag! I love the short strapped crossbody look and think the style is most on trend while still being considered timeless. Another reason this bag is my favorite is because depending on how you choose to style it, it has the ability to look luxe or super casual. I decided to go for a beachy casual look, but you could easily transform it into an evening bag by throwing on something as simple as black jeans and a black top!

And now for the cutest little leather good of them all! This could be a great way to organize loose change or even keep some emergency hair ties inside. I think this is a great gift to give too!

Nora Backpack

nora backpack on body

If you’re on the go and are looking for a bag to fit things like a laptop, notebooks, clothes, lunch and etc., this style is for you! Along with the tote, I would say this backpack is also a great option if you’re looking for a spacious bag to use day-to-day. I styled this bag with a blouse, denim and heels, which is exactly what I’d be wearing if I were going into work!

When commuting to the office everyday, cute backpacks like this one were always my go-to. I’d keep my lunch, water bottle and gym clothes inside and it was comfy to use while walking around the city!

Med. Snap Wallet & Facile Top Travel Kit

hands holding med. snap wallet & facile top travel kit

Now, moving onto some smaller leather goods! If I’m going on a run or quickly going to the grocery store for example, sometimes I’ll just throw my wallet in my pocket and head out the door! This one is the perfect size for that and has all of the necessary compartments.

I think we're are saying some serious prayers that we can start traveling again in 2021! I plan on using this pouch as a cosmetic bag for transporting my skincare, makeup, shower products or even store charging cables in. The best part is, this can easily be used by either men or women!


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