The holiday season has arrived and soon those of us traveling will be braving long airport lines and dreaded flight cancellations. Once luggage has been checked, you’re left with what you can fit in your carry-on to get you through your flight, or an unfortunate night spent at the airport. We’re sharing our travel essentials and must-have bags to help you survive the flight and make it home for the holidays with the help of Osgoode Marley!


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

You can never predict when that connecting flight home gets canceled. If you’re in for a night spent sleeping in an airport chair, feel fresh for the morning flight by packing an emergency travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste. The person sitting next to you will be thankful.



Catch up on your magazine subscriptions by packing some reading material for the plane. Whether you’re staying up to date on the latest celebrity gossip or dreaming about far-off places, packing a magazine or two can keep you from experiencing in-flight boredom if you can’t settle on a movie to watch.


Change of Clothes

Just like packing an emergency toothbrush, having a change of clothes in your carry-on can keep you from having to wear that day old shirt you’ve already spilled coffee on for a second time in the event of a canceled flight. Arrive wrinkle-free to your final destination.


Blanket Scarf

Ever feel like you’re stuck in an igloo when flying? Stay warm on a cold flight with a cozy blanket scarf. Easy to fit in your bag or wear, a big scarf will save you from having to rely on the community plane blankets everyone is sneezing and sniffling on this time of year.


Headphones & Charger

Double check you’ve packed your chargers and a pair of headphones before you leave for the airport. You won’t want to get caught traveling without a functioning phone. Not to mention, both are your lifeline to a charged source of entertainment.


The Perfect Travel Bag

Made with washable nylon and leather trim, we’re packing all our flight essentials into the nylon Flapped Cross Body and Skylar Backpack. These bags offer spacious storage, secure zipper pockets, and are washable just in case your in-flight beverage takes a tumble during a moment of turbulence.

Soon enough you’ll be home for the holidays, but first you’ve got to get there. Throughout November, enjoy 50% off all nylon bags with code NYLON50 at checkout! Find your new favorite travel bag. Offer ends 11/30/18 11:59 PM EST.