In honor of our newest shade Azure, we want to talk about blue—where it came from and why we love it so much. Whether you’ve dreamt of strolling between the powder blue walls of Chefchaouen, Morocco, meandering through the cobalt-sprinkled hillside of Santorini or taking that winding drive alongside California’s Big Sur Highway, there’s something undeniably captivating about the hue.


With deep Eastern roots and an impressive transformation of functionality, the color blue is a proven favorite amongst many. Some 6,000 years ago, the first blue dye was derived by the Egyptians from the lapis lazuli stone. The stone founds its way around the globe, where each culture made their own adaptations to the dying process, developing new shades and hues along the way. Its exclusivity was associated with wealth and was only worn on special occasions by society’s elite. Fast forward to the blue jean era of the Fifties, brought to you by James Dean on the big screen and Levi’s in the shops, dungarees, daisy dukes and daily denim quickly became American style. What began as a strong working garment was quickly redefined as a wardrobe staple for all.

Color Psychology + Wearing Blue

There’s royal blue, there’s cobalt. We have indigo and navy. Social bubble blue (best friend of millennial pink) and cerulean. Whichever resonates with you, there’s a calming effect happening within the body when we see blue. The color of the calm sea and clear sky embodies a sense of tranquility, translating into feelings of peace, security and trust. Despite this, we can’t forget the electric blues that dazzle and energize from their neon qualities. Blues are frequently nuanced and broaden our visual taste buds to dress, accessorize and decorate outside of our minimalistic norms.

According to a recent study by Psychology Today, subtle blue accents are ideal for stimulating the right-brain, generating a sense of creativity. So whether you’re accessorizing with a blue bag, writing with a blue pen or working under a blue sky, you’ll subconsciously feel safer about being expressive and exploratory, and those creative juices will start to flow on their own.

How to Style

We may be in the thick of summer, but we’re giving you pairing options that’ll allow you to carry your style and your new OM azure bag through any season.

Pre-Labor Day + Labor Day Whites

A white-on-white look with a dash of OM Azure in hand is sure to make you look (and feel) cool, calm and collected. You too can be as charming as the infamous Santorini hillside. A pair of crisp white jeans, a flowy white bell-sleeved blouse, and turquoise statement earrings will give just the right amount of style to make your Azure pop.

Forever in Blue Jeans

There’s something about your favorite pair of jeans that pairs perfectly for any occasion in every season. Throw on your chunkiest, oversized knit over your well-loved denim, add some tennis shoes and grab your OM Azure for a cozy autumn look.

Black on Black on Blue

A classic, go-to look that needs no introduction. An all-black outfit works for any season, and bringing in a dash of Azure will take your look effortlessly from day to night. We’re loving a moto jacket and black denim combo for nights out in cooler weather. Bound to impress for drinks and dinner, a touch of Azure to a dark monochrome look will serve your style for miles.

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