Taking advantage of all this extra time at home to spruce up your closet with a little spring cleaning? Before your current OM is returned to storage with the rest of your winter wardrobe, let us share how we’re keeping our bags tidy and clean as we switch between seasons.


It’s time to round up the crumpled receipts, tangled headphones and spilled mints currently taking up residence at the bottom of your bag. Before simply tossing your on-the-go essentials from one bag to the next, consider an organized approach to your seasonal swap. Take everything you’ve been carrying since the start of last season out and arrange piles based on which items are everyday necessities, extras and just the bits and bobbles that somehow made their way inside your bag.

After decluttering, disposing of any trash and returning excess pens and lip balms back to their rightful homes, you can start to repack your bag based on what you need to make it through the day. Help keep smaller items like keys from disappearing at the bottom of your bag with our Large Coin Pouch.

Leather Care

While your bag will grow old gracefully with natural signs of wear, no one ever said a little TLC was off the table. In preparation for a lifetime of use, you can pretreat your bag with a stain and rain repellent spray to act as the first line of defense for such moments. Before spraying the entire bag, test the product on a small patch of the leather to avoid any discoloration blunders.

Can’t wait for that soft buttery texture of worn-in leather? A leather conditioner used to nourish and restore shine and softness can help improve the feel of your OM. We recommend the Osgoode Marley Leather Conditioner available on our website. To apply, use a dry cloth and apply a thin coat in small, circular motions. Over time, leather conditioner will help diminish scratches and stains while giving your bag a healthy glow. Have a stain that needs removing? Click here to read our guide to cleaning every unidentifiable blotch off your bag.

Seasonal Storage

Leather has the tendency to oxidize over time. By providing your bag the right environment, proper storage will help preserve the lifetime of your leather. If you live in a place with high heat and humidity levels, make sure to locate a dark and cool spot away from direct sunlight.

To maintain the shape of your bag, consider stuffing it with excess tissue or wrapping paper leftover from the holiday season. Use a dust bag or cotton pillowcase to store your bag. Leather needs to breath and even the slightest bit of moisture can cause mold or mildew. This method of storage will provide your bag the necessary fresh air it needs in order to maintain proper shape and the freshness.

While OM looks good in every season, proper storage can keep your bags safe and sound until it’s time to style them again. Has the spring weather inspired you to make a style switch? Shop our new arrivals for a budding design to freshen up your wardrobe. Right now, enjoy 10% off your entire online order! Additionally, 15% of each online order will be credited to the 800+ small business partners within our OM community. Have a local OM retailer in mind you’d like to support? Mention their store name and address at checkout and we’ll make sure they receive 15% of your order.