Our latest design is here and ready to round out your on-the-go lifestyle. The Sawyer Circle contains pockets, card slots and compartments thoughtfully designed to fit every purse necessity. Compact yet spacious in size, we’re thinking beyond our phone, wallet and keys and sharing a peek at what we’re packing for a day-to-night transition.

Daytime Essentials

Somewhere between a crossbody and a satchel, you have the Sawyer Circle. With two internal compartments and an outer slot to store even the biggest of phone screens, everything you usually toss (and inevitably lose) inside an oversized tote as you head out for the day now has a space to call it’s own.

Lip Balm: Banish a parched pout with a hydrating balm to keep dry lips soothed.

Hand Lotion: Mend a pair of cracked hands with a portable sized lotion to keep things smooth.

Pain Reliever: Save yourself from the burden of everyday aches and pains while on-the-go.

Planner & Pen: Don’t get caught with a to-do, shopping list or date and no way to jot it down.

Tissues: From winter colds to crying at the movies, you’ll be glad you thought ahead.

Granola Bar: Fight feelings of hanger while out and about with a portable snack.

Airpod Case: Because we all know the angst of forgetting our headphones at home.

Evening Must-Haves

For the nights you don’t have a moment to spare, the sleekly designed Sawyer Circle transitions perfectly from workday to evening out. Keep all your bits and bobbles easily on hand with five card slots and two internal pockets for storage—all without giving the space occupied by your daytime necessities.

Gum: Make a minty first impression on a moment’s notice with a pack of fresh flavor.

Mini Hair Brush: Fix any hair dilemmas that arise as the sun begins to set with a compact comb.

Bobby Pins: Tame pesky flyaways or craft a quick hairdo with a handful of pins.

Makeup: Keep the basics on hand to touch up your look before your night out begins.

Phone Charger: Don’t lose your lifeline to paying, travel and entertainment to a dead battery.

Band-Aids: For the nights your heels do you wrong, save yourself from a painful walk home.

Stain Remover Stick: A lifesaver for whatever garment your red wine takes a spill on.

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