For anyone out there looking for a fresh start to the brand new year, we’re resolving to boost our organization skills while on-the-go. Whether you’re prepping for a busy day, night out or time spent on the road, we’re sharing the best practices and packing essentials we keep on hand in our OM to stay prepared.

Payton Tote

Built for a long day away from home or a weekend escape, the Payton Tote is spacious enough to store a change of clothes, laptop for remote work or water bottle and gym gear for a post-office sweat. If you’re carrying a change of shoes, try storing them at the bottom of your tote with socks rolled up inside to create a sturdy base for the rest of your garments or daily supplies. Also, consider carrying a Zip Pouch inside your tote to keep keys and smaller items together.

Multi Pocket Urbanizer

A sleek option for an organized night out, the Multi Pocket Urbanizer is the ideal date for an evening on the town. Smoothly store your OM wallet, iPhone and keys in the main compartment with additional zipper storage for mints, bobbles and your go-to lipstick. Don’t need your entire wallet for a night out? Utilize the five card slots within the Multi Pocket Urbanizer to lighten your leather companion.

RFID Organizer Waistpack

Keep the travel essentials you need accessible with the RFID Organizer Waistpack worn over your shoulder or around your waist. A transportation safeguard, store your tickets and passport in the RFID Passport Cover for easy reach while braving security lines. If you’re wandering the city, avoid chaotic digging through a larger bag by opting to store your phone and money on body with this stylishly practical alternative.

With OM, you’re sure to find success in all your organizational pursuits. Stay stylish and secure with RFID blocking protection in a variety of bags and wallets.