Like a fine wine or worn pair of jeans, leather only improves with age. Regular use throughout its lifetime will transform a stiff bag into a soft and weathered keepsake. Interested in the science behind this style metamorphosis? Read on to learn how a mix of environmental factors and everyday wear will age your OM with grace.

What is a Patina?

Picture your favorite leather crafted accessory. Are you thinking of a bag buttery to the touch with scratches and scruffs that tell a story? Glazed in appearance, the darkening hues and signs of wear that leather acquires over time make up what is known as a Patina. Defined as, "a gloss or sheen on a surface resulting from age or polishing,” this natural finish softens the material while bringing to life the product with a visible history of age and environment.

How a Patina Develops

A mixture of sun, age and oil are to thank for the darkening of your leather bag. The natural oils our body produces mixed with environmental elements of moisture, sunlight and heat absorb into the surface, creating an ombré sheen. Looking to prolong your bag’s youthful glow? Incorporating a cleaning routine, such as the Osgoode Marley Leather Conditioner available on our website, and storing your bag away from direct sunlight will help delay the onset of aging. Years of stretching, pulling and fading create a stronger bag, soft to the touch and distinguished from its newer counterparts.

As leather matures, it develops natural scuffs, scratches and signs of wear. While a blemish or two might discourage some, a surface of small imperfections adds a unique element of beauty to a hand-crafted leather good. Aging imparts personality to an accessory meant to be loved and worn for a lifetime.