With a multitude of new gadgets striving to create functional solutions to our everyday waste, it’s easier than ever to cut down on the plastic we’re sending to the landfill. We’re spilling our OM bag to share all the reusable essentials we have on hand to keep our single-use plastic to a minimum

To-Go Mug

Craft your morning coffee at home or BYO travel mug to your café of choice to save yourself from unnecessary styrofoam and plastic lids. In a growing trend, some coffee shops such as Starbucks are even offering a discount for bringing your own cup! This reusable glass coffee cup is standard barista-sized and microwave safe, fitting nicely in your OM bag or backpack for when the need to caffeinate strikes! 

Reusable Straw

If you’re able to use a reusable straw, packing a few in your bag will save you from contributing to the harm towards wildlife caused by plastic straws. In a growing trend, towns and cities nationwide are beginning to place a ban on these single-use sippers—making reusable straws an essential for smoothie and iced coffee drinkers. This set of eight stainless steel metal straws come in a variety of metallic shades and includes a brush for cleaning between uses.

Wooden Cutlery Set

Never have to rely on a plastic fork again by carrying a wooden cutlery set for take out and on-the-go lunches. Reusable and stylish to boot, a wooden set of fork, knife and spoon fit perfectly into even the smallest of OM bags and will keep you conscious of your use of plastic. This bamboo set is dishwasher safe and under $5.

Reusable Grocery Bag

Say no to plastic bags and be prepared for spur of the moment purchases by carrying a reusable grocery bag tucked inside your OM. This brand offers foldable nylon bags made from 40% recycled materials, perfect for your next produce haul home from the farmers market. While you’re at it, opt for an electronic receipt emailed to you rather than a paper copy.

Collapsible Water Bottle

While hydration is key, what’s not is sending plastic water bottles to the landfill. This collapsible water bottle is as cute as it is convenient to toss in your bag and fill up on-the-go. An estimated 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day in the United States, so it’s up to us to ban the bottle to keep our land and water resources clean and free of trash.

Recycled Phone Case

We all have one, so why not make that hunk of plastic we’re carrying around in our bags a bit greener? Protect your phone while protecting the environment with this compostable phone case made from a plant-based bioplastic known as Flaxstic®. When it comes time for a new case size or color, simply dispose of your used case in a compost pile.

Solar Powered Charger

Taking your OM backpack out into the wild? For when you’re miles away from the nearest outlet, this mini solar powered portable phone charger uses a small solar panel to store enough energy to charge your phone in an electricity-free way. Feel even better about your sun-powered cell knowing that with every purchase, the creators give back to those around the world living without electricity.

Shop our new arrivals and find yourself a fresh OM to store all your solutions for staying eco-friendly on-the-go.