Dust off your sunnies and track down your swim trunks! With Memorial Day right around the corner, the kickoff to summer is finally here. Elaborate plans and last-minute bookings alike, it’s time to plan your summer escape—all while not losing your mind (or your belongings) in the process. We’re sharing our packing tips and the essential Osgoode Marley bags to help you stay organized throughout your warm-weather travels.

Craft a Checklist

For both spur of the moment and well-planned trips, a checklist can help keep track of everything you and your companions will need for the duration of your travels. Before you begin packing,
plan your outfits and create a checklist of the important items like toiletries and chargers you’ll need to gather. In addition to what you’re filling your suitcase with, create a list of important flight information, phone numbers and addresses you may need in the event you find yourself without a working phone or laptop.


Our line of backpacks make the perfect carry-on or weekender to fit your getaway gear. Hitting the road for a day trip? The Creel Backpack is our modern picnic basket, fitting a portable speaker, snacks, spritzers and beach blanket with ease. Looking for a crossbody instead? The Phoebe Flap Bag is perfect for storing your en route essentials. If your adventure is overnight, pack light by rolling up your clothes for extra room and sticking to shoes that can multitask. Does your destination call for flying? Check out our guide to surviving the flight for a list of what items we wouldn’t board without.

On-The-Go Organization

Nothing will leave you flustered quite like a jumbled travel bag. Eliminate frantic searches in the airport security line and safely store tickets, IDs and credit cards with the RFID Zipper Travel Organizer. If you’re braving the crowds and looking to go hands-free, the RFID Organizer Waistpack has a built-in wallet along with a main compartment for park passes, maps and the essentials you’ll need to make it through the day.

Close Quarters

Sharing a hotel room with the whole family? Avoid a toiletries overflow on the bathroom sink with the Hanging Travel Kit. If you’re looking to keep your entire crew under control, the Small Travel Kit is the ideal size for keeping personal items accounted for in small spaces. While you may be tempted to leave your belongings scattered around the hotel room, avoid the risk of leaving a well-loved item behind by limiting your luggage to one section of the room. 


Savvy Souvenirs

It’s all too easy to fill up an already bursting bag with souvenirs to tote home. If traveling light is more your style, consider smaller items like postcards, ticket stubs and photos that can be collected and turned into a keepsake once home. Alternatively, if you just can’t turn down a good t-shirt, remember to leave breathing room in your bag before departing so you can bring home those bulkier treasures.

Stay Secure

What’s RFID anyways? Known as “radio frequency identification,” RFID consists of tiny sensors present in credit cards and passports designed to simplify life by emitting radio signals for fast identification, scanning and touch payments. Now, imagine someone walking up and “scanning” the wallet in your back pocket or purse without your knowledge. The RFID-blocking materials used by Osgoode Marley safely encase your cards and IDs in products designed to interfere with radio waves and electromagnetic fields, preventing stolen information from RFID scanners. 

Osgoode Marley keeps you stylish and secure with RFID blocking protection in a variety of bags and wallets. Want to see more travel guides? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know where you want to see us go next! In the meantime, read our guide to New York City.